Thursday, August 24, 2006

This is me 3.5 weeks out , {Oct 22 },from North Americans -Sept 15-16, Ohio , Cleveland.

More of this photos , this weekend in my Mebers gallery! Do not miss it!



Hello My Dear Fans !
Was a while since I wrote something on my dairy! No kidding!
Sorry for waiting that long with new stuff, but I been catching up with everything in my life after the NYC show Team universe.
I placed 13. I heard over and over again from people there that I should be in top 5. Well, I am Ok with that.I think is very positive , that Judges placed me few placings higher than on Jr Nats , month before !
So, I am doing good !
I know that climbing for your goal takes time & it will not happen immiediately. I am very presistent . I will get what I want when the right time comes. And I really enjoy the process of getting better & better!

Right now I am 3.5 weeks out from my last National show_ North Americans in Ohio , Cleveland, Sept 15-16. I would like to present better overall package & get another good expierience for the future.
I do not want to predict anything& get dissapointed, so I can tell You that I do focus so much on this preparation & I will do my best there for sure!

Thank You all for so many positive e-mails & lots of congrats ! Knowing , that so many people cheer for You is really uplifting & motiwating! THANK YOU AGAIN!

Ps; tummorow , more detailes about my prep & news.