Friday, April 20, 2012

April BCBG designer slashed top & boy shorts clip:)

Hope You all Liked this short Video ~ I did recorded that yesterday April 19 :)
Lots of New FOOT Festih on ly site! !!
Currrent ripping up looks for 2012 ! JOIn ! You Cant miss that !!!
xoxo!! Buffpam

Thursday, April 19, 2012


after 5 Hours I sent tehm email about what happend - I got email confirming my acc is back to be full operting!
So Great ! All fine !

However , that incident puts a BIG shadow or  on my choosing VEROTEL in my opinion and I am seriously considering getting back to PayPal , I been happy with paypal for over 5 Years...
I ll decide soon .

Guys - U can sign up again! Enjoy ! NEW BIG Happy Innovative changes comming to Buffpam site!!!

I post for You Happy Sexy Lady GAGA outfit like Clip of mine :)
Similar -longer -waaay Longer Inside the site!!!

VEROTEL--frist Issiue As OF Today April 19 ...And MY ABS!

HI Guys !

I have mixed news :
The VEROTEL credit card processing firm I use has temporaily hold the Sign ups now.
I dont know how and why It happend...trying to unscrew this...
So you cant purchase membership until is resolved.

I am working on it now and I hope all will be resolved in short time !

Maybe even we will change the service for credit card service !

So for cheer up - I post one My current April 7  Picture of my HARD ABS for You !!!
New footage is also comming very soon - As I curently record  All durning my Summer Shows Ripping up Time !
All - Webcam and HD ! YOu will Love my New Look !!!
:):) :)
Sweet Kisses !
Yours ,

Saturday, April 07, 2012

Members FETSIH pics - Clear Mesh - Designer pointy toe pums!

all MY FEET Fetishes  ENJOY New Members Update !!!!
I will make You only Crave MORE of MY Heels and feet baby!
BEST HEELS! You wont see MY Shoes on ANYBODY EVER! They younique !!!!
seductivly ,
yours ,

Happy Birthday to Me :) LOL


Its my Bithday again :) ! AWESOME ! Feeling great and already very Lean /Ripped for upcoming summer " IN season :)

Will post few now pics in hours from now so look up :)

Sorry , cant write much , becouse am so busy expanding my internet Clothing Store :) Many items to list , photograph , describe, it takes most of my time besides Daily few H of live webcam and my Twice LONG BITCH Cardio sessions ans weights workouts up to 2.5 H now :)
Anyway , AM  Very Happy doing all taht becouse IT DOES BRING MONEY for my Lifestyle support - NO Kidding , LOL My lifestyle is out of ordinary and cheep :) So I better make Good $$$ to live the way I like it :)
So far I do , So no complains:)
I usualy multitask all at once - I find taht best working with my fiery personality !

Allright , AM posting you my Birthday pic and maybe a short clip with my New Dolce & Gabbna  velvet jean pants and matching D&G top ! I bought th epants recently , a month ago on the great sale !!! And the top I have since few Years..never worn yet :) And now they MATCH !OMG ! I love that!!!
Will do shoot for members in this outfit very soon!
Now I  will enjoy The Easter , becouse is actually on my birthday this Year !
Ohh and I forgot..I got many Gifts form My Hubby !!! I always ask for $ and then I go CRAZY shopping !
So I got about 4 pairs of designer shoes - Nike MAX AIR 2012 edition plus 2 high heel pumps- ALL SAINTS with metal heel and Carlos Santana Spike pointy toe  gold pumps and HALSTON heels!
GEE!! Those are AMAZING and almost Imposible to have/obtain ..LOL
Like I lawyas say ..: Copy that Bitch ! LOL! The short message for my "copy cats " LOL
Based on recent my Fav TV show " Fashion Police :) -Fridays on E- entertaiment channel !
So far non of my designer outfits been copied and any :"bitch did not steal my look :)"

Love ya all !
Buffpam :)