Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Happy Birthady to : me:)


Just turned 32 today April 7 ! OMG! I think I may look 1 day Older :) LOL
Thanks to You all who sent me So Nice Birthday E-mails & E -cards! So Nice U guys remmebered!

Feeling good at 32 ! When I look at my older photos when I was 18-20-25- ...I Am WAY MORE Happy with my "look " as of Now ! Having less body fat -really makes You Feel & Look Younger ! You can STOP AGING or dramaticlly slow it ! Am so happy I am able to do it actually !

Nice , rainy day today - Love it ! Melanholic :) Great time to meditate and just relax thinking about all positive things I ve done so far for myself and others !
That keeps me going ! Knowing I can put a smile on some faces and make a Diffrence!