Monday, April 07, 2008

TURNING 30 Today !!!


THANK YOU ALL FOR the BIRTHDAY wishes U sent me today!!!!

So sweet of You guys!!!!

Yep! I turned 30 today...and Hmmmm.. actually... NEVER FELT and LOOKED BETTER!

Really ! It feels SOO Good ! I am Happy , healthy , wealthyand got some muscle! He he he!

I always knew that , with getting "older" I will get better ! Gee ! How did I know that .. don't know, but my counciousness was " telling me that " always!

So , I am 30 Y young - Oficially ! Great!

Numbers don't mean anything , until You give them the power !

Feel Young Always and You will attract that !

My Secret ??? READ " THE SECRET " by Rhonda Byrne