Sunday, April 24, 2011


Doing ATKINS -Style Diet- I Love it for some while-and then I cahnge for Bit of Curb up one a week :) Its really enjoyable then :) A litlle pain..and FOREVER GLORY :) :) :)
xoxo, BuffPam- have no choice but to keep up with my name :)LOL

Happy EASTER Everybody!!!

HI All :)

Have a HAPPY EASTER !!!!
Hope YOU all having great relaxing time with Your loved ones !

I do enjoy my free time in those very Few Holiday days- but I do stay on my Strict ZERO carbs diet :)
Still having Fun dough :) But not like I would do my Fav -Carb Load :) Not Yet ! But Ill get back to that metode soon when  I feel -that my body needs it.

OK  , Look for New AMG my page update next week!!! And New Pics & HD clips on my site!


Thursday, April 07, 2011

Happy 33 Birthday To me :) LOL

HI All :)

Its my Birthday today :)  Having real "wishes come true "  !!!
 Thats a thrill !!
THANK YOU ALL who Wrote me Happy Birthday wishes!!!!
So Nice U remmebered!!!!

OMG! I purchsed PRO -sweing mashine -I always wanted for a Huge Bargain !!!And Shandelier to the kitchen - becouse I dont like overhead -regular light~ I Love Upgrades!!! LOL

Now just enjoy my day and reflect on what I want from life :) So far so good! All I want happens -step by step !
33 Sounds good! Equals 6 and is reversed 9-my lucky # besides 7 !
Am positively reinforced and ready to take "bull by the horns" this year !
No mattert what the outcome- I will be happy ! Becouse I know I do all best I can :)

Made some new clips this week for NEW WEBCAM-besides Skype & Herbicepscam -- I start to work on!!!
Check this out! Made few Commercials !
Hope U enjoy And Will come see me there!!!