Sunday, November 01, 2009

Few More Pics ! Take Look Guys !"The Back side of SUPERGIRL!

more halloween pics from Roscoe - N.Halsted-Chicago!

OCTOMOM !that was Hot Costume TOO! Vinyl superhereos , Wonderoman ,Lady GAGA , Yellow Raimans ?

OMG just so MAny FABOLOUS LOOKING People!!!! Best Dress up Party Ever!!!

HALLOWEEN PHOTOS !!!2009 Chicago - Halsted , Roscoe club!


HI ALL !!!
I hope everybody had as good time as me and my friends in Chicago Downtown , North Halsted and Rosceo Club!!!

OMG! We had a blast ! Frist we watched Live Halloween parade and lated we went clubbing to most Popular "Boys Town " Rosceo Club on North Halsted St in Chicago !

I dressed this Year as a SUPERGIRL ! Gee! I always wanted to dress as a Superhero!
So I purchased few pieces of outfit and made and altered other ones to make it customized and youniqe! I spent almost 3 h of labor ...LOL and 1 h of M-up & hair to get ready!

Got AWESOME feedback form MY FAV Gay Community , in Chicago ! Everybody loved my Look - especially when I had real muscle and I actually was a Real Woman too LOL!

We took fantastic photos and VIDEOS that Night! All people dressed up Fantastic and It was a Huge FUN to be there and hang out!

I ll post Videos as soon as I get them to my pc and render them !

ALSO ! NEWS!!! CONTEST!!! I PLACED Top 5 out of 40 Contestants for BEST COSTUME in Rosco Club - N.Halsted that night!!!!

Was very close to big monetary rewards: 250-500-& 1000 $ for 1st place !
Truly best Costumes took top 3 spots!

I have it all on Video ! Post soon ! Was AWESOME!!!!
The Cheers forMe- SUPERGIRL were VERY LOUD and Welcoming! I had such a GREAT TIME!!!!

AM SO PLEASED that I was very much liked and accepted on Very diffrent field that my usual fitness !!!!
My friends know taht I REALLY LOVE GAY peaple and have many friends among them ! Truly , My best Fun times are{ even from frist Go Out in US when I just arrived here !} On BOYS TOWN - Chicago!!!!

BuffPam :)