Sunday, June 09, 2013

Am MY OWN WEBMASTER now ! Am doing GREAT!! New galleries /3/ HAS BEEN POSTED!

Hi Guys !

 Am webmasting My Website MYSELF as of JUNE 1st !!!


I finally Did it! Full control and fun !
Why I was waiting so long to do it ?LOL!

Anyway , New Galleries has been posted to members area and short Hd webcam clips!

Updates will be done much more often now !
every 3-4 days !!!!! Something NEW!!!!

  I try to debug the doesn't let me post clip or photo now...
But I wanted to let you all Know ALL on site PLAYS works fine !
Now I do take Paypal payments :)
19.99 to sign up and follow up subscription !
I did lowe by 25% Guys!
For You darlings!!!!

Will post What has been updated on site on this blog as soon as I get this fixed1
INFO_____ Cant change Tumbnails on Galleries pic & Still vid pic- ONLY TEMPORAILY !!!!
THE SITE IS UPDATED already and Coming Days !

SO you can join and see new footage!!!!

THANK YOU all who Sign up regullary for Your Support !!!
ENJOY the NEW and the Old Classics Updates :)
Yours ,

Monday, May 20, 2013

Picture gallery Updated May 20! GO SEE ":)

Those HOT New galleries has been posted in Members area!
DOLCE & Gabbana zebra Contest shape!
And PUSSY CAT DOLL-mid Season Fishnets and mini Leopard dress plus Betsey Johnson Designer open toe satin pumps!
HOT HOT for all Leg Lovers!!!
Yours ,

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

CHEST PUMP Lovers!!!
Made quick Clip for You pumping chest!!!
Full version of this is in NEXT Update on my site for YOU!
HOT HOT HOT! I do more muscle BOUNCE too!!!
Join and get some MORE!!!!!!
Some Sexy Feet For YOU! Enjoy!
Come for more on My Site Member Section HD Pics And videos!!!
yours ,
FEET Lovers  My dirty feet & nail polished toes for You!Webcam clip 2013 May!

Saturday, March 02, 2013

Sucking Up New Prada's ! New Gallery Posted in members secion today!HOT!

HI Dearest Feet/Heel fetish fans !

The new HOT HOT HOT Fetish gallery is posted today!

My new Prada's clear THICK Lucite clear Heels are  being worshipped by me so Well ! Licking and sucking the heel!!! YOU HAVE TO SEE THAT!!!
That is ALTHYoL YOU EVER WANTED to see~~
 Was my pleasure to serve You Guys!!!
Join and See All:)

Sunday, November 25, 2012

OMG! Black FRIDAY My Frist Higest End Designer shoe -GIUSEPPE ZANOTTI-BLAST BUY!


I got The mOst DESIRABLE Ultra LUX and Very Expensive Retail 650 $ plus-Italy's one of BEST High End Designer:


I got up at 6 am ..on Black friday _Biggest Shooping Craze of the year !! and I GOT MY DREAm Pair of shoes for fraction of original price !!!!
LOVE AMERICA! Only here U can wear the designer stuff and pay literally pennies for it !
This is my frist pair of extreme Lux fashion ( I own many great ones like  Bebe , Steve Madden , Chnesse Lundry , Jessica simpson , ect..)but this is VERY BEST Celebrities Wear Shoes~!!
 I posted frist gallery for You -SHOE FETSHES - on current 25 th M site Update!
More Comming soon as I must think what outfit to wear with those :)

Wow !
Life is good and I DO LOVE SHOES!!! Especially Top Of The line !
Economy sucks..stil;ll..but I never had found most fashion deals then now!
Am very grateful for it!!
And ..getting up at 6 am..when still was dark go get my dream shoes was a NIGHTMARE but WAS WORTH THE EFFORT!!! I can Do Almost Anything for FASHION!

So Happy!!!

Buffpam :)

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

MY Loving drama Bombshell Hair & Mup :)Women Hate me LOL

After National Nov 20 Picture ! How About That !

HI Guys!

Sh..ot ! I know..I am bit Behind with posting but Ill Update now all I should to let you know that I AM DOING TERRIFIC!!!!!!!!

 Came from Nationals with amazing new SHREDDED Sexy Footage /HD ViDs and PICS about 3000 Pics and1.5 H of RAW HD Video !
Am postinf frist Glimps on the 20th My Site Update !

Now just one pic I took today to Confirm My Iron Will and Really Polish "back Bone "!
Those who's life is devoted to try to hurt me in any way .._ I say Keep it Up !

Ain't Gonna happen!

Am just Way Over Your League!LOL

AM Polish and American Citizen- You cant F..k With me !
I know You Would like Since 2005 YOU CANT Do  " S..T" to  me !:)

Am Just Like Your Fav Monica BRANDT witc I admire and I will Foollow Her Steps :)

HA HA HA HA :) :) :)

'That is the message tyo those who Still try and cant do :)
The Crap You do in Your Own nest - I wouldnt touch with 5 feel Pole !

Allright - Dear  Fans _ now is Your free Photo :)

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Sexy Collage of Our HOT MOOVIE flex ! july 2012!

WOW ! Me and Annie Top- Less :) Flex ! Our Moovie Uncut Unedited ONLY EXCLUSIVELY on our wesites !
COLD SHOWER REQUIRED Before AND afer that Moovie Clip !!!

ANNIE Riveccio and ME on HOT Muscle Worship Video july 2012 NOW GO SEE on my and Her site!!!!

Will Be avaible on my site July 12-15 ! THIS WEEK!
GUYS! Dont Miss out JOIN!!!
James Cook Movie Production!!!!


here we are again !!!
after years!!!4 !!! 

MY BB Friends & ME Paparazzi Pics! Wings Of Strenght - july 2012!

MY Dearest Friends- Annie Riveccio Pro BB and James Cook NPC& IFFB Photographer/videographer ! Those are TOP Notch people in our Fitness industry ! I am so Happy we mantain friends and work with new video & photo footage consistiently since 2005 When James Cook Discovered me and gave me Enormous internet exposure ...and basically Make me A star Overnight!!!! HE changed my Life Totally! And His Friends Like Andy Vogel who started my officail Website then in 2005!!!OMG! I am so grateful I am among such a Successful and Kind Professionals!!!!! I learnt from THE BEST!!!
LOVE U GUYS!!! So Happy You were on my NQ Show...and You thought I am a Pro :) It will finally happen I belive :) So many people wish me taht since long time :)

I am BEYOND HAPPY I did shot with Annie Very Sexy & Sensual Muscle Worship Video about 50 minutes= 4 outfits!!! WOW~ After 2007, I belive - The Knockout Video we did frist time for AWEFILMS.COM -and James shoot as then too !!! So now _ GUYS - GIRLS - We did it again!!!
 Go to see to  ANNIE & MY website to see that EXTRAORDINARY Muscle Goddesses footage!!! Opposite Attracts!!!! Me and Annie ROCK! GO SEE IT JOIN!!!!!!!!!!

THANK YOU!!!!!!!
yours ,

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

MY WINGS OF STRENGHT NPC Figure Championships Contest July 7 2012!


Am so happy to announce taht I won 2nd Place Figure Open , and 3rd Figure Master in my Recent Contest: WINGS OF STRENGHT July 7 2012 in Chicago !
WOW ! Am so Happy!!!!

I qulified for National figure and national Figure Master for next 2 years!!!
I lost to the Overall Winner Robin, who really ddeserved frist and overall displaying harder conditioning and beautiful pose and stage presence !
I have litlle chat with her back stage and she is one nice classy lady!
Was pleasure to be around her !
As You will see on compairson pics - me and her display very similar muscularity and propotions !So tahts why we placed taht well :)
I need to come bit harder next time and even darken more my tan !
I guess I need double dose of regular 2 coats of LIQUID SUN RAYS -competition tan i used thre by this company who sprayed all athlets thre :)
am to fair skin for the standard 2 coats :) Ill do 4 next time !LOL!

That was Very Nice show ! Great location and beautifully run !
It was Frist time of Tim Gardner Extravaganza "WINGS of Strenght " Pro & Am NPC & IFBB ! check for more info !

I had amazing time , even dough I had to get up at 3.30 am to be ready at 7.30 meetig ...It was a nightmare to get up this early...but I did it LOL!
most Competitors did the same , as we need 2 H to be waken up in full and do our m up hair and some  last minute Spray tan touch ups plus travel time if You outside hotel . I had about 50 min drive , but was glad to do so , since The Host hotel had tremendous issues with AC and it was over 80 Degress Farenheit inside !!!! Our tan was running..and it was very tireing to pose on stage and actually do anything ...
oh well...
It was 104 F outside for 3 days before and at showtime...really hot and no air to breathe we all suffered a lot to compete and display our best onstage!
So  give us a plus for overcoming that danger heat and Strenght to do so!

I post few pics from MD Muscular Development Magazine , The Press was thre to capture both NPC and IFBB competitors! How Fabulous!

I wish other Chicgao -ILL based shows would have such high Profile Press avalible to Coverage those events!

The Wings of strenght had it! I belive thhis will be Very popular show to do for many athlets from all states!@

Also the New thing Very Touching and Fresh was The Invite All JUDGES with Competitors at each side to parade on stage and listen Live Artist Playing guitar USA Nationa Anthem song! AMAZING!!! It felt just so right to be so close to judges and connect more , and not be afraid of them :) They were here for us to help us ! We agreed to be judged ! We all wanted !

 And really Those WERE BEST FAIR JUDGES You can meet in industry !!!!: Some of are :
CHUCK SANOW ---NPC Chairmain and judge , owner,I SAY " CHUCK ALWAYS ROCK "coz it rhymes too:) then of couse same thing with :  JEFF Johnson owner and NPC judge , & 
 Ernest BEA NPC & IFBB rewarded judge , to name few..!!!!
GUYS! Girls ! Compete in ILL ! Its FAIR & SQUARE!!! Really is !!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was so nice to see those 3 Fab judges! I see them every time on my NQ contest and those people are among my most Cherished Friends as well !!!

So happy to share this with Ya all !
Ok see the pics now , I was a bit off of my usual hard conditioning ( i was prepping for June JR NTas...but my entry was rejected by some mistake..:)  so, forgive me :) , but I think I still looked Pretty Good as A Figure and Felt beautiful doing so :)
The fellow girls , competitors were so nice to me and so pretty! Also the Pro Gils displayed so laid back additude - No Divas additude! Wow! Thats why we admire those Pro who act so humble!
I had pleasure to have pics with few, andcluding My good friend Monica Martin , who looked so Sexy and Beautiful !!!!I cheered for her so much !
She definatly should be in top 5 Pros !
Any comments welcome !
Please write :)

Friday, April 20, 2012

April BCBG designer slashed top & boy shorts clip:)

Hope You all Liked this short Video ~ I did recorded that yesterday April 19 :)
Lots of New FOOT Festih on ly site! !!
Currrent ripping up looks for 2012 ! JOIn ! You Cant miss that !!!
xoxo!! Buffpam

Thursday, April 19, 2012


after 5 Hours I sent tehm email about what happend - I got email confirming my acc is back to be full operting!
So Great ! All fine !

However , that incident puts a BIG shadow or  on my choosing VEROTEL in my opinion and I am seriously considering getting back to PayPal , I been happy with paypal for over 5 Years...
I ll decide soon .

Guys - U can sign up again! Enjoy ! NEW BIG Happy Innovative changes comming to Buffpam site!!!

I post for You Happy Sexy Lady GAGA outfit like Clip of mine :)
Similar -longer -waaay Longer Inside the site!!!

VEROTEL--frist Issiue As OF Today April 19 ...And MY ABS!

HI Guys !

I have mixed news :
The VEROTEL credit card processing firm I use has temporaily hold the Sign ups now.
I dont know how and why It happend...trying to unscrew this...
So you cant purchase membership until is resolved.

I am working on it now and I hope all will be resolved in short time !

Maybe even we will change the service for credit card service !

So for cheer up - I post one My current April 7  Picture of my HARD ABS for You !!!
New footage is also comming very soon - As I curently record  All durning my Summer Shows Ripping up Time !
All - Webcam and HD ! YOu will Love my New Look !!!
:):) :)
Sweet Kisses !
Yours ,

Saturday, April 07, 2012

Members FETSIH pics - Clear Mesh - Designer pointy toe pums!

all MY FEET Fetishes  ENJOY New Members Update !!!!
I will make You only Crave MORE of MY Heels and feet baby!
BEST HEELS! You wont see MY Shoes on ANYBODY EVER! They younique !!!!
seductivly ,
yours ,

Happy Birthday to Me :) LOL


Its my Bithday again :) ! AWESOME ! Feeling great and already very Lean /Ripped for upcoming summer " IN season :)

Will post few now pics in hours from now so look up :)

Sorry , cant write much , becouse am so busy expanding my internet Clothing Store :) Many items to list , photograph , describe, it takes most of my time besides Daily few H of live webcam and my Twice LONG BITCH Cardio sessions ans weights workouts up to 2.5 H now :)
Anyway , AM  Very Happy doing all taht becouse IT DOES BRING MONEY for my Lifestyle support - NO Kidding , LOL My lifestyle is out of ordinary and cheep :) So I better make Good $$$ to live the way I like it :)
So far I do , So no complains:)
I usualy multitask all at once - I find taht best working with my fiery personality !

Allright , AM posting you my Birthday pic and maybe a short clip with my New Dolce & Gabbna  velvet jean pants and matching D&G top ! I bought th epants recently , a month ago on the great sale !!! And the top I have since few Years..never worn yet :) And now they MATCH !OMG ! I love that!!!
Will do shoot for members in this outfit very soon!
Now I  will enjoy The Easter , becouse is actually on my birthday this Year !
Ohh and I forgot..I got many Gifts form My Hubby !!! I always ask for $ and then I go CRAZY shopping !
So I got about 4 pairs of designer shoes - Nike MAX AIR 2012 edition plus 2 high heel pumps- ALL SAINTS with metal heel and Carlos Santana Spike pointy toe  gold pumps and HALSTON heels!
GEE!! Those are AMAZING and almost Imposible to have/obtain ..LOL
Like I lawyas say ..: Copy that Bitch ! LOL! The short message for my "copy cats " LOL
Based on recent my Fav TV show " Fashion Police :) -Fridays on E- entertaiment channel !
So far non of my designer outfits been copied and any :"bitch did not steal my look :)"

Love ya all !
Buffpam :)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentines pics :) 2012 enjoy :)Prewiev

Foot & Heel fetishes WELCOME !
http://www.buffpam,com/ ! BEST EVER 2012!!!!


Do I Still GOT IT ? ! U still Want it ? ! YEAH!!!!!!!

Happy VAlentines 2012 to You Guys!!!! And ..Girls !

Have a happy Valentines watching me in ACTION BABY!!!
New Valentine Videos and  over 60 Pics Posted in members area of Feb 15!!!

Sexy Musscle flexing in skimpy Victoria secret Lingerie and French Connection F.C U K !!! Beebe boots ! WOW ! Heel lick !!! Best stuff U can imagine to ...GET it On ! And Get ...OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yeah Baby!!
Join and enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I post feree clip and some VERY SEXY pics I toook Just for You on FEB 14 !2012!
Dieting for upcoming summer shows !

LOVE Ya all!!!!
Stay HOT!!!!!!
Your ,
Always ,
Buffpam !!!!!

Monday, February 13, 2012

JPG Sailor FUN on cam !

Hi all !

just sharing some fun pics I took yesterday after Pvt Skype Show with One of my many Fav Fans !!!!!! LOVE YOU ALLL!!!! 

He likes to dress me up in dresses and casual clothes and we have fun on cam few times a month! I got TONS of fashion clothes !!!!

I wore my New Beloved..Jean Paul Gaultier stripe sailor top( I did buy from UK online :)  , D & G sunglasses and A/X jeans! Here am in pink lace brazzilian cut panties ( after changing in dress :)

Buffpam !

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

GLASS Shower Pics added!!! HOT!

HI Guys!

The Glass Shower Gallery has been recently added to members area!!!!
Its the frist gallery from the already posted HD Video-LONG clips!!!

 It will be more to come as we psot arounch 30 pics an update!

  This week - taht gallery has been edited twice to suit My NEW FOOT Fetsh Clients/fans! I did re crop LARGE foot close ups in that Shower!!!

It looks amazing to see my wet feet soaking in that water and my sweet french pedicure !
Regular large Hd  full body shots as well!
The MORE HOT ones are In members area :) I cant post those on free blog LOL!

R ,
Buffpam :)

Monday, January 16, 2012

OMG - MY older Semi -Topless Webcam Ad clip!

Thats me :) The Best Teaser :) Enjoy! Am like that and BETTER on my wesite :)xoxo!! Yours , BuffPam

White Chanel..stockings and Sex Appeal Gallery Posted!


New Update on my site posted!!! Video and Gallery match !
Wearing cream white Victoria Secret Lingerie and Italy stockings  with white pointy toe vtg heels! And ...did I mention my lovliest auth Chanel purse..OHHH!
I love it!!!

 I have to post the amazing response I got ( and taht is the beautiful usual ones I get :) form Chris my one of the lovlisest members since like 2 years or more!!

 Look :


You latest update……………..WOW WOW WOW!!!!!!
I know that you already know this, but I am going to type it here

Do you realize how amazingly HOT and SEXY you look in those white garters, stockings and pure white panties and Bra???

Baby, its to die for!!!! You’re to die for!!! I go so excited looking at the pics and the video clip that I was busting out of my jeans!
I will be lucky to be able to pull my self away from the computer and get some nourishment. And the way you moved in the Video, showing us the BEST ASS on the internet, those muscular tight thighs, and those pure white panties covering your beautiful……(not sure if I can get that graphic with you, unless you don’t mind)…….again WOW WOW WOW!!!!!

I love your updates, and your so so sexy body. Can you tell I’m one of your biggest fans?? Your husband is one extremely lucky man to have you by his side……

Please don’t stop……

And Tahts why I LOVE WHAT I DO ! Fans like Chris makes all worth it! BEing adored that much keeps me going ! Makes me happy and the apprication of my " body work " energize me like a an ENERGIZER BUNNY LOL ! I cannot stop !!! :) THANK YOU all and  CHRIS !!!
LOVE YA!!!!!!!!!!