Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Hi all !!!
OMG! So happy after Nationals - Atlanta -GA 2010 oct-16!!!\
www.rxmucle.com GOT ME HUGE Contest Coverage pics! AM BEYONED HONORED and HAPPY!
Check tTHE PAPARAZZI link to see around 10 pics of me in new Pink Silverflowery suit:)
MR Mayson was very Quick and very professional THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!
WOW WOW WOW! Thank You RXMUSCLE & Dave Palombo for Givine me The "reward " of so much good press by taking my picks backstage and off Stage with Dave Palombo himself!I was Thrilled!!!!!!!!!

MY placing was as expected LOL- just funny _ I do feel great about my attendance there!Made New Friends and NEw Bussiness opportunities!

TONS of EXPOSURE from BEST in BB BUSINESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!what U can ask for more ???LOL
Always BEST REWARD comes From Straingers!!! And I got BEST REWARD EVER!
The BIGGEST Site on the entire net took numerous photos of - ME :)
THATS AN HUGE HONOR - and compliment to my persona - taht I still " got it " LOL :)

Special Thanks to Dave Palombo - For having time to listen my story about last week NPC continental USA show -Ottawa OCt 9 2010 -( I won Overall figure :))
DAVE!!! Your free Info about Contest Diet & supplements DID make my Quads smaller & I got best I could for this 2 shows!! I beeb Screaming Around R name - A lot people Asked me how did I do that "look " now and Muscular Development people were trying reall hard not to interview me :)and keep talking to others except -the Overall winner in Figure who was so Happy to Share the Sucess Dave Palombo Diet story to others!!And just couldnt be any louder about it :)
So R successIS HUGE Dave!!! I am happy I did witness That myself :)
Thanks again for taking r Extremly busy National's time to talk with me and do photo!!!LOVE U and Waht U do For all bb- fitness loving folks ~~~~
www.RXMUSCLE.com - BEST HONEST & FREE INFO about Building R best body !!!!