Friday, January 20, 2006

January - getting back on track!

Hallo Everyone!
It been a while since I wrote something down...
I bebn sick right after the New year Party...
I do not like to complaine much, so I was waiting till I get better to tell You my news:I am on!!! Hurra! Check out that interview with me and Curtis Shoultz! I am so happy !

Besides that everthing got back to normal.
I am hittig the gym very hard again. My calories goes down by 20%. I got 10lbs of muscle since I begoun the mass program and now I need to maintain that before I will start dieting again in 4 weeks.
I am excited about Arnold Classic Show in Ohio- March 2-5. I am going there !I want to see how all of this looks and of course meet friends there again!

I am glad I am well again! I hate being sick!

I hope You are well to and You get that Resolustions going!

Take care!