Friday, July 29, 2011

Gary IN , shoot - MY Own images-

Old Castle in GARY , Indiana june 2011 SHOOT ! Very Cool!!

HI All Horny Men!!! And ...Women :)

I had very Cool Phot-Video shoot wtith My webmaster-photographer Rick Drew in June 2011 ! VERY diffrent Looking!

I wore MY absolute BEST and expensive as F..g hell Outfits ( I got good deal , but still is Exp !LOL) Dolce & Gabbana Cyber collection Leather & pvt Corstet belt , costume made clear bikini , Latex biker boots from Two Lips 2 , Wolford Hero 2011 bondage tighs-I LOVE THOSE OMG!- and Victoria 's secret for Red Carter Slashed -runway edition- bodysuit!

ALL SO FETISH!!!! So Guys , I know You been wanting to see some KINKY stuff again - so Here U have it ~ All will EBgradually posted on my site In following weeks!
 Sexy and FREE!!!!!!!!PREVIEW is on - As Always every month -

The HERO tighs from WOLFORD!
Ill post few pics  wearing them :)
As You know- My legs are not that Skinny LOL:)