Tuesday, April 24, 2007

My NEW Busssines Card !

Hello My Sweethearts!!!

I just wanted share with You my New Design of bussines card I will have for You ! All info You need about me will be there! Design by my WONDERFUL webmaster -Rick Drew! www.rickdrew.com Contact him for website design and professional video and photo work ! I love his work !
Look what he does for me !He is here in USA Gym where I workout! www.usagyminc.com !

What You guys think ???Post R opinion please ! I love to know that You actally read my posts!!! It is so nice! Thank U!



Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Hello Everybody!

Is April already and my Birthday is coming up in 3days ! April 7 ! I will be 29 ! It feels better than ever !

Especially now , preparing for a shows again !

I am doing great so far ! Fat is coming off and expose my muscles more and more ! I am showing You my current pictures from this week !

Look and comment if U like !

XOXO !!!