Friday, January 20, 2006

January - getting back on track!

Hallo Everyone!
It been a while since I wrote something down...
I bebn sick right after the New year Party...
I do not like to complaine much, so I was waiting till I get better to tell You my news:I am on!!! Hurra! Check out that interview with me and Curtis Shoultz! I am so happy !

Besides that everthing got back to normal.
I am hittig the gym very hard again. My calories goes down by 20%. I got 10lbs of muscle since I begoun the mass program and now I need to maintain that before I will start dieting again in 4 weeks.
I am excited about Arnold Classic Show in Ohio- March 2-5. I am going there !I want to see how all of this looks and of course meet friends there again!

I am glad I am well again! I hate being sick!

I hope You are well to and You get that Resolustions going!

Take care!


runningman said...

As a young man (30 years ago) my GrandFather once told me; "There are two types of women in this world, those built for comfort and those built for speed" this was his response to our conversation about skinny and what I call "healthy" women. After reviewing your entire blog I would have to say, GrandDad left out the "both" category in that equation. Beautiful, simply beautiful.

Fletcher Christian Bowhay
fletchersplace blog

davebar said...

The new ftultracam is awesome...I love ur accent and will be checking to see when you are on. Thx...from Houston, TX!