Friday, February 24, 2006

Hey My Darlings !!!

I am going to see Arnold classic weekend in Ohio , next week! I am so excited! That will be my frist time there and on the top of that I am going as an existing NPC athlete ! Wow!

I bet it will be massive numer of visitors and bb and fitness fameous people. I want to be among them !
I am so much intrested how the Pro Figure girls do and how they look on stage and off stage.

Cannot wait to meet my fans ! I know that will be quite a few of You sweethearts!!!
Also, I am missing my friend Annie Riveccio { she will be competing !} and Debbie Brammel, Melissa Detwiller and many more I had no chance to meet personally yet!

Well, I cannot wait ! I will tell You all about that Huge event of The Year 2006!- when I will get back .

Stay tune ! And Xoxo!


angélica said...

Happy Birthday Dorothy Trojanowicz

gonzalo said...
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