Sunday, May 14, 2006

2 WEEKS OUT from NQ Figure Illinois

Hallo Guys!

I am working really hard those last 2 weeks before. Is REally tough. But I look the way I suppose to. Very lean but not overlean For Figure! So I Am happy. Finnally my platoe had gone and I lost 3 additional lbs last 2 weeks. I Am 130 now. just 5 lbs more than On NAtionals in Atlanta Nov 2006 I gaind size in lats and shoulders and chest this winter , so I think is that 5 more.Also I can see I have better V- taper than las Year!!! Wich automaticlly, gives me better proportions!

I pose, walk , and look like Figure. I Love that !!!
Now Just need to hold on to that look. 0% less cardio , same 1200 cal_ I think. One carb day a week.

I post few new pic of me . They are taken last week, when I was recording chest workout for U guys!

OK, now it was all.

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