Wednesday, June 21, 2006

JR Nationals Chicago June 16-17- SUCCES again !!!

Hello My Sweethearts!

I had really faboulous time on JR Nationals!!! I placed in frist 15 rated group ! WOW!
For a frist time on National show this big, where Pro cards are given this is really good sign! I did beat 17 girls from my C FIGURE class!
Now I know that National judges judged my Illinois show very fair!

I am SOO HAPPY! I bet U can see that on my face looking at those pic. from ! YEY! I MADE IT!!!!
I am posting few from JC from hardfitness- for more visit his site!
ALSO CHECK - there is beautiful article written By Gene X about the show and I have a few lines about me in it!!! WOW!! THANK U GENE!!! U &JAMES ARE THE GREATEST!!! LOve Ya guys!


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