Friday, February 16, 2007

MY new Hot Update !

Hi Everybody !!!

Just wanted to let You all know that my website is updated this week Feb 16 with NEW and HOT webcam pictures and 2 video clips showing my " asssets " !

I really couldn't wait for proffesional photo shoot to show You how I look 16 weeks out from my frist show in 2007 , and I photographed myself using my webcam !

Now You have some idea what is going on when I pose for You Live !!!

I post today's picture of me for You ! How You like ? You can post comments here !

Xoxo !


Ps; Is so friggin' cold in Chicago now ! I hope spring will come soon... till then let's get Hot togheter either in Members area or Live on webcam !!!!


H66 said...

Kisses from Bulgaria.

c-steve said...

I loved the "old style" ! O.k.-matter of taste....