Thursday, November 01, 2007

I WON OVERALL in NPC Continental Figure Championships-Oct.27.2007!!!!

Hello All !!!!

I Have So HAPPY News to all My Sweet Friends & Fans !!!!

I WON OVERALL In FIGURE in 2nd annual NPC CONTINENTAL USA CHAMPIONSHIPS!-NQ-National Qulifier -2 first placings! In Bodybuilding , Figure and Fitness !

It was a lot to fight for!!!

This show was BIG! Open to all states and I had 12 competitors in my class , not counting masters ! All the competitors looked their best and the atmpsphere backstage was so Fun too !!!

The Short Class Figure winner looked national level ready ,2nd Place Winner Tall class was looking very pretty and beautifully muscled and 3rd place finisher from my tall class displayed nice wide bone structure !

The 2place finisher from My Tall class , was a Master Figure who competed in Open class with me . She looked absolutely stunning and I am happy I helped her with some litlle m-up touch ups before I knew she placed 2 to me ! She was so nice to me ! Even helped with oiling my back and tightening my shoes in backstage room!I am glad I returned a favor!

A litle backstage :

Just look at her legs and hams ! Wow! We were joking backstage that the best is to be Master !Mature And Sexier than ever! Ha Ha! I said to both of those beautiful Master Figure -" Gee ! You guys look stunning! How old are You ? 37 ? No way ! I cannot wait to be a Master ! And the started laughing and were like " Girl ! When You gonna be a master ...You will be smokin'! Ha HA!" 3 of Us were laughing , goofing around and giving 5!

They 3 of those athlets - Figure Short Class winner , 2nd Place Tall Class winner, and the 3rd Place winner -Tall Class were my toughest competitors!

I really wasn't sure if Judges will go for more muscle on Figure or less...You just never know !

I am very happy that I was rewarded for my phisique!

On personal note to my Fans few words what I was doing this whole time this year :

I think I did improve my V-taper- especially in whole shoulder development { back , middle and back } upper lats, kept my waist small , and most definetly DOWNSIZED my Lower Quads and got more cuts in quads! Still lots of work for me left i "that area" . but I am so glad that my legs got way leanner and better for Figure! It cost me a lot of pain of killing supper sets with over 100 burning reps with litlle weight ! It hurts as hell! Belive me! I cried many times durning my leg workout!

All ,as my Husband say " will be seen & rewarded on stage ! Think about that ! And now Go!GO! GO! ComeON! He Yelled !

I hate when he yells at me then , but sametime it does pushes me to work harder and do not give up ! Thanks HUN!!!

Here I post few pic. from backstage!

I LOVED THE ROOM ! WOW! BIG , AIRCONDITIONED , Big Mirrors , personal bathroom ,So Clean !, curling iron outlets even carpet in the midle of the polished floor ! Talk about BEAUTIFULLY MADE Prep. room !!!! I felt there , like celebrity !

Belive me , I attended many National level shows and none of them , except being very close to this standard _JRNationals and State Illinois Show -had such HIGH LEVEL Backstage Competition Luxury !!! Hands Down for the PROMOTERS!!!! -JEFF & ANN JOHNSON and ROB & DARLENE MAYO -Such a pleaure to get ready to go on stage!!!!! WOW again!

Xoxo to ALL Of You My Friends!!!!
Next post today in few hours! I have so much to tell You and show and THANK To So MAny people Who HELPED me to be my best I can be !


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