Tuesday, June 24, 2008

MY " Quads " size ...Somebody has same ! And do well In Figure! LOOK:

Hi again!

"Dorothy's quads went down again...but still to big " That what I hear now .
Well . I am so Glad I competed in JR's becouse there is another Figure athlete with same size and shape quads like me !
UNBELIEVABLE FINALLY! I am not alone !!! So there is a chance for me to place higher { since I was high in last Year placings here - 7 th !} now 22 { out of 37}
THERE IS A CHANCE!!!! Geez ! I am so happy!

That Figure A class placed 4 th !!! I am so happy for her ! Even more now , especially when I thought , that my Quads are the "constant " problem !

She is more cut than me !Has more quad lines ! But look : size & shape in overall her body is exactly the same like in my physique !

I know I have to improve my conditioning and plan my peak more carefully- then I should have place higher and be happier with my body more!
As of course I am happy now with the improvements I made! But I have founded mistakes I made and I have learned the lesson !
STILL LOVE FIGURE !!!! I will continue to do Figure no matter what" UNSOLICITED ADVISERS " could tell me ! I am who I am , and I do what I do ONLY because I DO CHOOSE THAT . Nobody ever forced me to nothing I do not want Myself !
Example ? My mother who never loved me...for who I am use to tell me " U never do this... do that...! Just clean houses here in US as we all polish do ! Forget about Your ESTHETICIAN- Skin Terapist-
Bachelor Diploma ! And bodybuilding ? U R crazy ! U will look like a man ! U are a freak !

SO.. Where I would end up if I would let those "statements " take reality ??? Nowhere... miserable.. wasted talent.. wasted life.. bitter and blaming everybody!
I RULE MY LIFE!. Also I let others live theirs !
If I want advice - I pick the person & ask !
I LOVE My life now ! I have control of it! AND I Am so happy ! Even if that costed me a lot of tears and pain to get when I am now ! It was & is worth it !
As new Movie with Will Smith "Pursue of Happiness" 2008 relese-
shows true about our life choices & I sign this up with my both hands " NEVER LET ANYBODY TELL YOU YOU CANNOT DO SOMETHING !"
Thank God I have honest few people who really CARE about me as a Friend & competitor and they tell me how it is with no BS and help to do better!

Without You GUYS I couldn't be so happy with My Body and My Career ! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!! So much!
THANK YOU to MICHELLE from USA Gym for all her Proffesionalism and Friendship and constant help & support! I love You !!!! You are my inspiration too of not giving up and moving forward!
Now please take a look at the pics of Me _ D class Figure -22 place and Her Beautiful PRUDENCE MOE Class A - 4th place !

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