Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My NEW Current Figure Look -and AMG FRE UPDATE is on NOW!!!!!!!

HI all :)

All juicy stuff for U on www.amg-lite.com http://www.amg-lite.com/dorothy_trojanowicz/
! My new video- photo updater posted TODAY!
Go hurry ! See It ! Hope U can enjoy it becouse I Do it all for U guys !!!

My show is soon ! 2 weeks left !
I feel like I finally have reached that balance conditioning I was wishing about!
Same hard on upper & lower body :) LEt me know how U like it or not :LOL

Send My new Canon SLR 450 D photo- Just bought new camera recently and I love how it works !
I paly with it now ! Love doing selfportrets ! Some came out really artsy !
Well - U be the judge !
Yours: BUffPam

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