Sunday, June 09, 2013

Am MY OWN WEBMASTER now ! Am doing GREAT!! New galleries /3/ HAS BEEN POSTED!

Hi Guys !

 Am webmasting My Website MYSELF as of JUNE 1st !!!


I finally Did it! Full control and fun !
Why I was waiting so long to do it ?LOL!

Anyway , New Galleries has been posted to members area and short Hd webcam clips!

Updates will be done much more often now !
every 3-4 days !!!!! Something NEW!!!!

  I try to debug the doesn't let me post clip or photo now...
But I wanted to let you all Know ALL on site PLAYS works fine !
Now I do take Paypal payments :)
19.99 to sign up and follow up subscription !
I did lowe by 25% Guys!
For You darlings!!!!

Will post What has been updated on site on this blog as soon as I get this fixed1
INFO_____ Cant change Tumbnails on Galleries pic & Still vid pic- ONLY TEMPORAILY !!!!
THE SITE IS UPDATED already and Coming Days !

SO you can join and see new footage!!!!

THANK YOU all who Sign up regullary for Your Support !!!
ENJOY the NEW and the Old Classics Updates :)
Yours ,

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