Saturday, April 29, 2006

4 Weeks out from My first FIGURE Show !

Hey Guys !

Is been 2 weks since I was doing 2 hours cardio daily and 1 hour workout and Guess what ??? I Got stuck ! Could not loose even one pound ! I look great and I am very cut already, but weight is the same 134.
What i think is I gained some muscle and lost fat the same time- it happens when U dieting on this " level " of conditioning , but is rathere rare.
Mostly U eaither loose fat or loose muscle and fat- the worst nightmare of all!!!

Also I been so exousted by doing so that this week I had to take 2 copletly day Off from Everything ! I slept 12 hours the very first night and next day 10h.
I felt like I could sleep 24/7 straight !
I always listen to my body , what it tells me and that what it!- REST ! U R OVERTRAINED ! I will NOT BURN MORE FAT> I NEED A BREAK!

So I DID listen ! Its like when U wanna throw a punch to a wall and break it, U cannot stand Inch from awall and keep punching as hard as u can.. coz U gonna break a wirst and wall won! U gotta go back a little , take good , long shoot and punch it then as hard as u can! Then U will break the wall ! And win!
That is basiclly silly story about reaching a PLATEU with Your fat loss !

So , Now I fell better and I am ready to kick ass in next 4 weeks !!!
I will kick myself to do it for sure!

Also , I recorded new 2 videos from My workout : Back and Chest . I will post them in next coming weeks , along with those SEXY videos U like so much!

Taht is all for now.
Talk to Ya soon !


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