Monday, April 10, 2006

Happy Easter !!!!

Hi Guys!!!
I would like to wish U all very HAppy Easter !!! Make this holiday time as plesant as posibble for Yourself ! Have fun and good rest after that!

I am 7 weeks from My NQ Figure show in Illinois . This contest is open to all states.
I weigh now 135 lbs. I expect to be 128-125 then. That condition I had on NAtionals in Atlanta and I felt and looked great. Diffrence ? yes.. I was to small for bb, but now I think I should be just perfect for Figure !

I do 1200 cal for 3 days and then I do carb day and eat 100 gr more carbs { 1600-1700 cal } and again 1200. I do this system already 3rd time and seems is working for me pretty good.
I incresed my cardio since March 28 from 1h daily to 1.5 h daily splited on 2 sessions.
I workout 3 on 1 of 3 on cycle. I like it that way.
I eat every 3h . and take 500-750mg of herb Hoodia gordonii wich helps me with cravings and I am not that hungry. Try it Yourself works. Best site to order is : Get hoodia with glucomann. I have that.

Ok.. I am kida tried after todays heavy chest workout and I have to go to sleep early get up tommorow at 7 am and do my 1h intensive cardio session!On my new elliptical. I invested alot to get that kind of equipment. But I love the movments: back and forth and incline.

Ok .. I will update U soon Guys! U keep me posted too OK ?

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