Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Helllo Everybody !

Is 10 days before my last show this Year ! Gee, time flys! My diet & training is going great.Hovewer, doing 2 h of cardio daily is very exoustive... But , I will hold on.. is just a week to hold on.
Stil on 20-30 gr of carbs for 3 days & higher carb day on day off. This system works for me very well. I love the day off- well deserverd earned Sweet Carbs are soooo good! That is a real reward of eating sugary carbs & becoming even more laean!
But that technique is only valid for those who are already very lean- visible all over body muscle separation & abs ! I do not recommend eating lots of sugar when You just starting dieting & gettin lean !

Anyway, just some thoughts I had today about that.

NEWS: www.genexmagazine.com just posted my new gallery! Those photos where taken on JR.Nat's in Chicago , June 19 , by Genex Hwang. I had s much fan shooting with Gene , frist time btw!
CHECK THIS OUT& let me know what U think!
I post one pic from this gallery.

Speak to U guys soon!

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