Wednesday, November 01, 2006


I Hope You all have great time ! Especialy here in U.S. where we celebrate Halloween! Such nice holiday ! Dress up party allover the nation! YEY! That is my thing!
It was very cold Nov 31, and I did not go to see Gay Halloween Parade downtown
But .. I DID SOME SEXY HALLOWEEN Photos for You Guys !!!
Avalible in my next wekly update, next week !!!

Now I post 2 pic from the gallery -part 1!
Hope you will enjoy! I did freezed my ass of for You again! HE HE!!! It was 42 degrees!!! But , I love Ya all , so it was HOT do do it!!

R SEXY WITCH , Halloween 2006 !

Ps:I am so buried with everything now... but I will post news from September & October this wek here , on My dairy ! I promise! Sorry for delay !

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