Thursday, May 03, 2007

KATHRENE SKELLY- my friend &Figure cmpetitor!

Dear Katie !

I just wanted to remind You how BEAUTIFUL You are ! You are fatastic rasing STAR In Figure ! Please keep going ! I I am so happy for You !Here I am posting Your fantastic contest photos- U HOT Chick U!

I ' d like to take this opportunity and Thank You Very much for Your Friendly help now , especialyy when You just like me are on tight contest prep ! I will return the favor for SURE! GIRL ROCK THE ILLINOIS Along WITH KELLY ! You guys are proud proof of saying " how bad You wanted ?" And I know You guys wanted that BAD! GOOD LUCK GIRLS ! And I ahve my fingers crossed for Your NATIONAL Qualifications ! USA GYM GIRLS ROCK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



1 comment:

Dan said...

wow. she's pretty. any chance she's single? ;-)