Thursday, May 24, 2007

RASING BB STAR- ROBYN - my friend !

GO ROBYN GO!!! You look OUTSTANDING Girl ! You will take the whole cake at the JR.Nationals in 3.5 weeks !!! And I support You 100!!!

You are true example of super hard work , dedication and quaiet efectivness !!! YOU DESERVE THE BEST !!!You gonna be aSTAR Girl ! Get ready for FAME & $$$!!! YEAH!

Gee! You lost to me in 2004 In Illinois in BB , but If I would compete last year , 2006, in bb not Figure like I did , YOU WOULD BEAT THE CRAP OUT OF ME ! HE HE!!!

CONGRATS AGAIN !!! I wish You BEST !Was so nice to see You again !

Here I post few of our pic . From this Sat. May 19 2007!

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