Thursday, April 19, 2012

VEROTEL--frist Issiue As OF Today April 19 ...And MY ABS!

HI Guys !

I have mixed news :
The VEROTEL credit card processing firm I use has temporaily hold the Sign ups now.
I dont know how and why It happend...trying to unscrew this...
So you cant purchase membership until is resolved.

I am working on it now and I hope all will be resolved in short time !

Maybe even we will change the service for credit card service !

So for cheer up - I post one My current April 7  Picture of my HARD ABS for You !!!
New footage is also comming very soon - As I curently record  All durning my Summer Shows Ripping up Time !
All - Webcam and HD ! YOu will Love my New Look !!!
:):) :)
Sweet Kisses !
Yours ,

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