Tuesday, July 10, 2012

MY WINGS OF STRENGHT NPC Figure Championships Contest July 7 2012!


Am so happy to announce taht I won 2nd Place Figure Open , and 3rd Figure Master in my Recent Contest: WINGS OF STRENGHT July 7 2012 in Chicago !
WOW ! Am so Happy!!!!

I qulified for National figure and national Figure Master for next 2 years!!!
I lost to the Overall Winner Robin, who really ddeserved frist and overall displaying harder conditioning and beautiful pose and stage presence !
I have litlle chat with her back stage and she is one nice classy lady!
Was pleasure to be around her !
As You will see on compairson pics - me and her display very similar muscularity and propotions !So tahts why we placed taht well :)
I need to come bit harder next time and even darken more my tan !
I guess I need double dose of regular 2 coats of LIQUID SUN RAYS -competition tan i used thre by this company who sprayed all athlets thre :)
am to fair skin for the standard 2 coats :) Ill do 4 next time !LOL!

That was Very Nice show ! Great location and beautifully run !
It was Frist time of Tim Gardner Extravaganza "WINGS of Strenght " Pro & Am NPC & IFBB !
http://www.chicgaoproshow.com/ check for more info !

I had amazing time , even dough I had to get up at 3.30 am to be ready at 7.30 meetig ...It was a nightmare to get up this early...but I did it LOL!
most Competitors did the same , as we need 2 H to be waken up in full and do our m up hair and some  last minute Spray tan touch ups plus travel time if You outside hotel . I had about 50 min drive , but was glad to do so , since The Host hotel had tremendous issues with AC and it was over 80 Degress Farenheit inside !!!! Our tan was running..and it was very tireing to pose on stage and actually do anything ...
oh well...
It was 104 F outside for 3 days before and at showtime...really hot and no air to breathe ..so we all suffered a lot to compete and display our best onstage!
So  give us a plus for overcoming that danger heat and Strenght to do so!

I post few pics from MD Muscular Development Magazine , The Press was thre to capture both NPC and IFBB competitors! How Fabulous!

I wish other Chicgao -ILL based shows would have such high Profile Press avalible to Coverage those events!

The Wings of strenght had it! I belive thhis will be Very popular show to do for many athlets from all states!@

Also the New thing Very Touching and Fresh was The Invite All JUDGES with Competitors at each side to parade on stage and listen Live Artist Playing guitar USA Nationa Anthem song! AMAZING!!! It felt just so right to be so close to judges and connect more , and not be afraid of them :) They were here for us to help us ! We agreed to be judged ! We all wanted !

 And really Those WERE BEST FAIR JUDGES You can meet in industry !!!!: Some of are :
CHUCK SANOW ---NPC Chairmain and judge , USAGYMINC.com owner,I SAY " CHUCK ALWAYS ROCK "coz it rhymes too:) then of couse same thing with :  JEFF Johnson FLEXGYM.com owner and NPC judge , & 
 Ernest BEA NPC & IFBB rewarded judge , to name few..!!!!
GUYS! Girls ! Compete in ILL ! Its FAIR & SQUARE!!! Really is !!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was so nice to see those 3 Fab judges! I see them every time on my NQ contest and those people are among my most Cherished Friends as well !!!

So happy to share this with Ya all !
Ok see the pics now , I was a bit off of my usual hard conditioning ( i was prepping for June JR NTas...but my entry was rejected by some mistake..:)  so, forgive me :) , but I think I still looked Pretty Good as A Figure and Felt beautiful doing so :)
The fellow girls , competitors were so nice to me and so pretty! Also the Pro Gils displayed so laid back additude - No Divas additude! Wow! Thats why we admire those Pro who act so humble!
I had pleasure to have pics with few, andcluding My good friend Monica Martin , who looked so Sexy and Beautiful !!!!I cheered for her so much !
She definatly should be in top 5 Pros !
Any comments welcome !
Please write :)

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