Tuesday, November 20, 2012

After National Nov 20 Picture ! How About That !

HI Guys!

Sh..ot ! I know..I am bit Behind with posting but Ill Update now all I should to let you know that I AM DOING TERRIFIC!!!!!!!!

 Came from Nationals with amazing new SHREDDED Sexy Footage /HD ViDs and PICS about 3000 Pics and1.5 H of RAW HD Video !
Am postinf frist Glimps on the 20th My Site Update !

Now just one pic I took today to Confirm My Iron Will and Really Polish "back Bone "!
Those who's life is devoted to try to hurt me in any way .._ I say Keep it Up !

Ain't Gonna happen!

Am just Way Over Your League!LOL

AM Polish and American Citizen- You cant F..k With me !
I know You Would like too..lol Since 2005 YOU CANT Do  " S..T" to  me !:)

Am Just Like Your Fav Monica BRANDT witc I admire and I will Foollow Her Steps :)

HA HA HA HA :) :) :)

'That is the message tyo those who Still try and cant do :)
The Crap You do in Your Own nest - I wouldnt touch with 5 feel Pole !

Allright - Dear  Fans _ now is Your free Photo :)

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