Sunday, October 09, 2005

Hallo from Dorothy

Welcome everyone here!!! I am so happy that my site is ready !It is a great feeling that You belong to a bb commiunity! Wow! My dream came true ! Now I can share my thouts, fellings and other expieriences with all of You- devoted bb supporters!!!

I would like to thank two very important people in my life now for letting this happen:
Andy Vogel - from -You are the best web master I know and You made my dream come true! It means everything to me! Thank You from the bottom of my heart!!! YOU ARE THE GREATEST!!! Thank You also for letting me know wonderful person and georgous Olimpia level athlet Annie Riveccio- who cares about me and helps me become "the best of me in BB'' I feel so lucky beeing among You guys!!! Thanks again!
I would like thank to James Cook from for giving me so much help on the begginning of my career and connecting me with a people who really care about the sport and athlets -Like Andy.
James - You gave me so much exposure , unbeliveble beautiful photo shoots, and so much professional care! Thank You so much! I am so fortunate that I am around people that quality.

I think that making Yours goals come true You have to realize that on that long way to achievement You are not alone.The others around You make the picture of You.They define You.And when You truly apprieciathe that fact - You are growing.
Once again , Thank You all for making my dream come true !!!
And when You return what they gave You

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radio said...

raI am honored to be the first post to your first blog. Best of luck to you, Dorothy. Of course, all of us who view this site cannot reach the heights that you have, but we can be inspired and motivated by you. That really is the main purpose of your web page, as far as we viewers and fans are concerned. For example, we are encouraged when we see that you, too, must struggle, as do we, with diet, gym, etc. I also must say that your staying in great form all of the time is wonderful to see. From that little town near Crakow, you've travelled quite far - in many ways! You're a lovely lady. Once again, best of luck to you . . . from radio.