Saturday, October 29, 2005

Nationals 2005 countdown - 3 weeks out!

Hey Everyone!

Time flys ...isn't ? Is already 3 weeks from the show. I am so burried with everything!
I gotta practise mandatory poses, my 2 rutines, and workout 6 days aweek with double cardio, plus I have a job.I tough. But it will be woth the effort - I am sure!

I am 126 lbs today.Hurra! I made my weight class! I was litlle worried about that...
Now I have to focus on not loosing size and keep the wheit stable. When I will loose some 2lbs of water I will be probably 124-123 I think.

Is really hard for me now to keep going. I am realy exousted... Is hard to get up in the morning...I would sleep all day if I could!
But I have to finish what I started. And I will!!!

I am so happy that my site is up and running! Thank You all for great feeedback I get from You about that!!!
Becouse this site is for YOU!!!

Te new pictures You will see in members galleries I was shooting in very special place this week.
Indiana Dunes- this is outstanding sourrandings, lots of anusual , natural landscapes. This is very fameus plase to visit. Indiana Dunes got top ten score in whole United States !
Also when I was shooting , the sun light is diffrent almost on evry picture!
I hope You will enjoy the pic.of me there.!
It looks like is worm outside , but in reality was freezing! Berly 45 degrees!
But I did for YOU my Dear Fans!
I freezed my ass off for You! Ha ha!

Ok I gotta go now...
I will let You know what is happening in few days.


1 comment:

ltifrankfurt said...

"I freezed my ass off for You! Ha ha!"

LOL, Doro... you dont have an ass at all!

Im loving it!

Keep going, sexy Dorothy!