Friday, December 09, 2005

Hallo Everyone!

Nationals are over and I am glad I got that new expierience.Now I really know what direction I will go to keep myself happy and healthy.Till then I was hoping I really can fit into that new rule " 20% less muscle" for women in bodybuilding...Now There is no doubt that IT DOES NOT EXIST in reality !!!
... Should I decided to continue bb career the big qustion stil exsist- wich place I can posibbly achieve without destroying myself. And even thenwhat would be the price rweard ratio?
Even dough the outcome was somwhat negative { I place 14th} I have to concider the whole expierience very positive.It gave me frist hand view on bb and right now I have to decide what to do next?
I can tell You this much now , that I will not leave the "stage". I will just customize to fit me better.

I give You few pic, From my webcam camera, 1 week before the Nationals.

Stay warm!

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