Friday, December 30, 2005

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2006 !!!!

Hallo Everyone!!!
I want to wish all of You very Happy New Year! Make all Your wishes come true!!!
And I would like to take this opportunity on the end of this year to let You all know how much I apprieciate all Your support I get from You - MY DEAREST FANS !!!
Thank You for very friendly letters and words of faith in me, sweetest compliments, and making me smile when I feel not so happy at some times!
You are real , good people with feelings,strenghts, weaknesses- just like me. And I love that!
You send me so much good energy! I am really happy when I get mail from fans saying just hallo,sharing their thoughts with me and compliments, and not asking for a date or anything weird...
I respect especially fans like that !
You guys have lots of fun celebrating this New Year!!!
And I really celebrate this myself too: I eat what I want and do what I want!
For all of You who keep themselves deprived of taste of real life- I SAY : GO CRAZY!!! Eat all You want , drink all You want!!!
And after the party is over...You can get back to normal things you do, becouse there is an beauty in that too!
Get back to the gym, hit it hard and make this muscle You have pop out under Your skin!!!
Just to show You that I am not to hard for myself I include my Holiday photos and cheers to YOU!!
Let's stay together for that next year 2006! I bet it will be even more exciting !!!


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